Saucers and Sausages

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I don’t plan to make a regular practice of Granny-blogging here. For one thing there is another daycare plan in the offing; they’re just waiting for a space to open up, so I won’t be babysitting forever. Thank goodness. So I’ll only have an occasional Granny-blog entry, and today is another of those days.

Ahh… but today is a much better day so far. The Papaya is in a better mood; whatever was bugging her yesterday seems to have passed.

That, and the mothership arrived at grammas to take her away…from boredom, that is. Well, it’s really the saucer! We actually found one at a thrift store for $2.90. I gave it a full clean up and sanitizing wash, and it’s going to be a great help.

Up until now we’ve only had the Gymini, the swing, and a little baby rocking chair thingie with “calming vibrations.” These days everything comes as a sort of self contained entertainment unit, with it’s own group of toys attached, Or, as C. calls them, various versions of little baby prisons with toys.

Back in the day, I recall mostly using a play pen, some sort of baby bouncing thing, and a walker. Play pens were still just another version of baby prison, only with real bars, containing loose toys which eventually always ended up being thrown over the rails for mom to constantly pick up. Vintage baby walkers would be far too dangerous to use today.

So prison or progress, I am very glad to have the saucer, with it’s permanently attached amusements, I’ve got containment for a contented baby, and no wheels, so I don’t ever have to worry about it going anywhere it shouldn’t.

When I think about it, I sometimes wonder just how kids managed to make it to adulthood, and I’m talking about kids born in the 60s and 70s, not the last century…umm, er..oh, yeah, that was the last century.

When my kids were little, what served for a car seat was a little upholstered chair, kind of like a restaurant booster seat, which hooked over the back seat with metal hooks and had a padded bar which came across the waist in front with a thin cloth strap that went from the bar between the legs attaching under the seat. And we had an infant seat into which you strapped the baby using flimsy plastic buckle straps, and then you could also use a seat belt to tighten around the whole thing. That is, IF, you even had a seat belt in the back seat. They weren’t required.

Nothing really held the older children in, and any kid who could climb could get out of the booster style seat anytime they wanted to and they did, believe me, which allows me to make the segue into this story…

I had taken my both of my kids, ages barely three and 18 months, out to the grocery store. Grocery stores where I lived were not open past 6pm so you couldn’t shop in the evening and leave the kids home. It was such a hassle that I usually went once a week and bought as much as I could.

Mission acomplished, I loaded up several bags of groceries into the back of the VW station wagon and the kids into their booster style car seats. On the way home, a moth started flying around inside the car. My 3 year son old got all excited about this and kept yelling, “Mommy, mommy a bug, a bug!”

Next thing I know he is out of his car seat and over the seat into the back with the grocery bags yelling, “I get it, Mommy, I get it!”

My daughter is struggling to try get out of her seat now and get in on the action. I’m in the middle of traffic, and my son is going through the bags. He grabs a package of braunschwieger from one bag, wielding it over his head like a club, now yelling, “I hit the bug, Mommy!”

I’m beside myself, I can’t stop yet and I can’t get the kid back in his seat. I find myself just yelling “Get back in the seat! Get back in the seat! Don’t hit the moth with the sausage!”

And that, my friends, is the exact moment that the title of Jean Kerr’s book, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies,made perfect sense to me.

Granny Blogging

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Before I signed up for NaBloPoMo I had no idea that such a huge number of Mommy Blogs existed out there. Tonight I’d like to do my part to expand that category by offering my first granny blog post.

I’ve been doing child care for my daughter two days a week since September. Her Dad, my ex, does the other two days. Because I do usually work at my own business seven days a week, I figured I could give myself permission to cut back so I could babysit two days and only work the five other days.

I am glad to help out and I love having my now almost 6 month old grand daughter here, I really do. It’s given me an opportunity to bond with her more closely than I probably would have had I not had this much responsibility for her care. She really knows me and she must like seeing me because she smiles a really big smile in the morning when Mom brings her here. Wins me over every single time. And it’s a good thing, too.

You see, I think I went into this thinking this would be a piece of cake, her being small and relatively immobile initially. I thought I’d have time to just catch up on the internet surfing, fix up my various web sites, get a lot of neglected housework done, and maybe do some redecorating or get those old knitting projects out and finish them up…you know, crazy thoughts like that.

Well, I must have been on some kind of gramma crack or else I was suffering from complete amnesia. Because in the considerable number of years since my kids were little, I completely forgot just how much energy and work is required to take care of an infant full time.

She’s been a remarkably good baby, but, honestly, at the end of two days of babysitting, I am so wiped out that I swear I have to take another day just to recover. I have complained before here about the jewelry making marathons and about what a toll that all takes on my body, but today I am feeling like it is nothing compared to the toll that lugging around a-cranky-teething-baby-who-just-won’t-take-a-nap-even-though-she-is-exhausted takes on a gramma. Add into the mix 30 some years on gramma and a heck of an arthritic knee, and you end up with one tired granny at the end of the day.

And then there are the flashbacks…

Home Stretch

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Coming down the home stretch of theNaBloPoMothing, and I only missed one day. Not that every post has been a winner—not that any post has been a winner, really. The blog format is a little different so just getting used to it and doing it every day is enough of an accomplishment for me to feel a little bit of success.

So, as if this hasn’t been enough pressure, I signed up forHolidailies. which begins Dec 1st. I’ve done Holidailies for the last few years from my old journal site at Crazy Old Lady. But I think I am in the mood to continue this year in the blog format. I really do think I will be able to post more regularly this way. I like it because it is easier, and the more I do it I think it’ll feel a little more natural and comfortable and maybe the content will improve.

Dedicated Bookbinder Video

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Here’s a bookbinder who’s focused.

Slugging it Out

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Friday we hung around the house and did our best imitations of slugs. Saturday, we slowly eased back into our Type A life. We managed to get up and get out of the house around 11:30. Then we went to brunch at a little Swedish resturant and moved on to the studio after for three hours of work before we left with friends to go see Pedro Almodovar’s new film, “Volver”, starring Penelope Cruz. A very good movie. Check out the reviews, they are pretty accurate, and I’m not in a movie review mood. After that, dinner with our friends.

It was good to rest and good to get out and do something rather than work, work, work the whole weekend. But today we had to cast off all that sluggage and get back to reality. I had a couple more orders which I had to fill, and there were books to pack for shipping.

Same ol’, same ol’, cranking out the jewelry. I’m actually getting a callous on my hand from where the torch handle sits when I solder.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

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I forgot to mention the very cool tree my son had put up. It’s the upside down tree which I had never seen before. Apparently it was originally a Hammacher Schlemmer item, although he got his elsewhere.

I really loved it.The best thing about it from my perspective is that it takes up such a small footprint in your living room. But it also aesthetically pleasing,very graceful,and the ornaments look fabulous. If I could afford one, I’d get one.

Here’s his:

No Turkeys Here

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This year my oldest son hosted Thanksgiving. We had decided earlier that we would not have turkey since many of us were also having another Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, and two turkey dinners in a row just seemed to be ridiculously redundant.

In our famiy it’s all about the food, and too much is definitely not enough. So we started out with appetizers, spanikopita, bruschetta and smoked slamon. When there are Italians involved there is always pasta, so the next course was stuffed shells. Then, salad while we waited for the tenderloin to finish. By that time we were nearly full anyhow, but that didn’t stop us. In addition to the tenderloin, we had homemade cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, baked potatoes, fully loaded, and this year I decided to bring corn pudding which was quite good, so I am going to play with it and make it a standard. Desert was pie, apple, cherry and pumpkin.

Of course, the best part of the day was really being with the entire family, something that rarely happens when my other son and daughter in law live so far away. In addition, this year my 86 year old Dad was also in town. We’ve had our differences over the years, but we’ve made up and it was great to have him join us.

As a family, we all get along pretty well and joke and have fun and play silly card games together, and it was a very pleasant afternoon and evening.

At dinner Dad said,” J, you really have a very nice family.”

“Yes, I do, thank you,Dad. Remember, you started it.”

And in spite of any family drama past or present, I really do feel that I have a wonderful family, and I am very, very thankful. It’s feeling a little bittersweet, though. The thought is also in my mind this year that this could be the last time the entire family is ever all together at the same time.

Here’s the family group portrait, minus the Papaya, who was sleeping. I’ll have to photoshop her in there somewhere later.

Happy Thanksgiving

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In spite of all the pre holiday drama, we had a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you. One of the few holidays we’ve had with all the family together at the same time. I’m sitting here in a stupor from overeating much good food, and I can no longer keep my eyes open. Here’s hoping your holiday was also pleasant. Good night.

Denial Reigns

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At 1AM this morning we went to the airport to pick up the kids. OK, I’m a sucker.

Regardless of the issues following their missing their flight and all the crap that resulted from that, it’s still good to see them. Everyone did the kiss and make up needed to get everyone through the holiday with a minimum of bad feelings.

This is not to say that there will be plans to deal with their issues. Denial reigns, and life will go on pretty much the same as it was a few days ago until the next incident or phone call requiring people to deal with the drama again.

The Sartorialist

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Random blog surfing led me to this. The Sartorialist
Maybe the internet is trying to tell me something as I sit here wearng my green slippers with navy wool socks. Black sweats. Maroon sweatshirt and navy turtleck. Fashion don’t just doesn’t even begin to adequately describe my look. God knows I could use some fashion tips…

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