Long Time Gone (aka: all my lousy excuses)

February 23rd, 2007 § 0 comments § permalink

It’s been a month filled with moment after moment of little problems just about every single week.

It took two tries to get the thermocoupler installed in the heater so we could finally get heat at the studio. Hoped to get back to business as usual. But the down time meant that we got behind of course.

Then, although we got the new DSL installed at home, we have yet to get the router working correctly. On top of that, something happened while I was downloading pics from the camera to screw up my old Netscape program, making it impossible for me to access my email at home or use the Netscape browser. Computers at home won’t run OSX, so that left me struggling with the horror of an old Microsoft Explorer browser, which doesn’t seem to enable Blogger at all. How do you people who use it tolerate it? And. in addition, I could only access my email via the web server.

So,I lost incentive to do things internet,and just concentrated on taking care of my granddaughter, who successfully wrapped me around her little finger, thus requiring more attention than usual. Ah well, life is short, might as well enjoy her and love her every minute I get a chance, right?

Meantime, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy new computers for work so we could bring home the ones we have there to replace our old iMacs and hopefully get up to speed and a be little more current. I’m hoping that will make things more efficient everywhere. So I dug into the savings and popped for “refreshed” new iMacs.

Finally, things being back in order, more or less. I was ready to go. Then my knee locked up on Sunday night. So I had to stay at home in bed all day Monday waiting and hoping that it would unlock by Tuesday. After more than 24 hours it finally did. So I ran in to work and tried to catch up there before the next two days of Maia.(I have to make hundreds of earrings again.)Got some done, but I have a lot more to go. So today, Friday, I am finally back and hope to catch up.

The computers are supposed to arrive today, or so they say. Hooray!!!! Well, that’s good and bad, because I will want to get my new toy up and running right away, thus neglecting the real work. Maybe not though, since I know I have to replace my savings as fast as possible.

I just wanted to drop in an entry here so that my two regular readers will not give up hope entirely. Hah!

Icicle fingers

February 5th, 2007 § 0 comments § permalink

Freezing here.

Went in to the studio later in the morning, hoping it wouldn’t be quite as cold,only to find that the heater had gone off completely. We cannot light it no matter what we try. It’s 43 degrees in here and dropping, so I don’t think anything is going to get done today considering I need to use my hands for most everything I do. Hoping the heater guy will return our call and show up sometime in the not to distant future, otherwise, we are certain to loose a couple days work.

In addition, I do child care for the grand daughter on Wednesday and Thursday so that pretty much shoots the entire week. I am not going to be a happy camper.

I will check to see if there is anything I can take home to work on. I can sew text blocks at home, and I have some coptic books prepared, so I will try to do that.

At least we now have DSL at home so I should not suffer from internet deprivation too much.

Fingers are freezing as I type this, so back to the gloves. Weather, please warm up!

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