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November 26th, 2007 § 0 comments § permalink

Lots of changes since the last update.

Let’s see… back in January, we had recently finished rearranging the studio. Apparently, things don’t change much because we are at it again.

We are still trying to make it all more user friendly, by making things more accessible. This time we’re moving all the books and book shelves ( 12 of them, all 8′ tall) from the back room into the main part of the studio, and we are transferring all the antique mall stuff and the excess ‘art’ junk into the back room.

Because everything is so packed into every nook and cranny here, just creating a new space is a major project. So I imagine it will take a couple months to get this all done, but it already looks better.

On the Gramma front, I hat to quit babysitting my newest granddaughter last March. It just got to be too much for both of the grandparents who were sharing in her care. So M. went to private daycare for a few months and is now in a Montessorri school. She’s doing great and of course she is the cutest and smartest 17 month old I know. The advantage of having taken care of her all that time is that she and I bonded, and she really loves her ‘Ge Gah’.

On the book arts front, I taught two workshops last Spring, one in California and one in Michigan. Both were great. And I will be teaching another one in Chicago in January. Nice not to have to travel for a change. I also attended an extended book arts workshop for a couple of weeks early last summer. That was good and not so good. Let’s just say printmaker will be joining papermaker on the list of things I am never going to be.

On the jewelry front, I have had more than the usual number of holiday orders from my accounts, so I spent a lot of September and October making a whole lot of jewelry. I’ve also had moderate success with my web site where I’m offering pieces from my production line of ginkgo jewelry. The link is over on the right, if you are interested. Free shipping from now until Christmas!

While I have enjoyed my foray into the book arts, I am really not sure of how committed I am to changing crafts at this age. It would have been a lot easier to do ten or fifteen years ago. At heart, I think I am still primarily a jeweler/or metal artist. And I am thinking more and more about moving back into jewelry again more seriously. Definitely not with production items.

After all these years I guess am still unable to decide what I want to do when I grow up. I think that’s been a theme running through my online journals since the beginning. Sad to say I have never managed to resolve that issue. Let’s see what this year brings.

Looking forward to doing Holidailies once again.

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