Peace on Earth

December 17th, 2008 § 1 comment

Last week we went to the little holiday pageant put on at my two and a half year old grand daughter’s Montessori preschool. The school is associated with a large hospital in the city. The kids that go there reflect the wide variety of ethnic groups who are employed at the hospital. This year, they decided to do an international theme. Everyone participates, from the babies on up.

This year the stage is decorated with the earth, flanked by appropriate flags, representative of the school population.

Initially, it pretty much seems like chaos reigns as they try to marshal all the little ones into their respective groups and get them ready for the performance. Herding cats would be easier, and one wonders how they ever manage to corral all the kid-lets. But, being professionals at child wrangling, they do manage and the show goes on.

The first group includes the very youngest, six months up to around two years, representing Mexico. Basically, they just look cute in their costumes, move around to the music and shake maracas. Some are enthusiastic, some dumbfounded, and some very, very tearful. Mostly they’re just adorable.

The second age group, representing the Philippines, includes my granddaughter, the Papaya. These kids are probably from two and a half to about three and a half, or so. Here, they are walking on stage. (The Papaya is the one hamming it up in the center of the photo.)
Again, adorable. We had it on good authority, that they were going to sing a song in Tagalog. I was skeptical, but they did not disappoint. They did their little best to sing a song which sounds a lot like Happy Birthday in Tagalog, or at least the best approximation to Tagalog which they can manage.
We saw the next group sitting in the Hall in their Korean costumes waiting to go on stage as we left early.
Maybe peace on earth would look a little bit like this pageant, if only people were never taught prejudice and hate.

Happy Holidays, and Peace, from the Papaya.

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  • Cold Spaghetti says:

    My heart just broke into a million pieces! This is wonderful, wonderful, and completely adorable!

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