Spirit of Bees?

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I first saw the phrase in an old pharmacological text which I repaired.  The original old blog entry about that is here.

Technically, spirit of bees was an ancient curative made in medieval times from extract of bees. But I was charmed by the sound of the phrase, the rhythm of the words. It brought to mind the buzzing of the swarm, the activity of the hive, the busy-ness of bee-ness. As a person who always has many different things going on all the time, and who is very much engaged in the busy-ness of being, I could relate to those words.

Acting with energy and purpose; this is the Spirit of Bees.

Shoveling Out

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We went out this morning, dreading the shovel out after 10 inches of snow. We are getting older and we do have some physical limitations. This past week, C. just had some vascular surgery in the right arm, so no shoveling at all is allowed until that heals. And, I have a bad knee, and a horrible cold and cough. But it was unavoidable as we needed to to get to the studio to tie up some loose ends and do a few things. More snow is predicted so we want to keep on top of stuff as much as possible. I would have called my daughter and son-in-law over to help, but he was sick and also had thrown his back out yesterday helping some other people.

The job was going to be extra hard because the snow plow had pushed a huge pile right next to the car, and it was slushy so it was the heavy kind of snow. As I started shoveling, I knew I would have a really hard time of it, and I figured it would take us hours to get out of there. My neighbor down the street was also digging his car out behind us. In a few minutes our neighbors came out to help us, and then some other neighbors came out. So we all stared working together as much as we could. Pretty soon they had us shoveled out, and we all helped shoveled out the neighbor behind us.

I had to stop because I fell in the snow and could not get up, so they all pulled me up. And, honestly, as much as I wanted to help, I had pretty much hit my limit, so I went in.

They carried on and shoveled out another space.

And another, and another.

Shoveling Out, originally uploaded by Accumulata.

Best I could do was bring out hot chocolate and take photos.

But I was very grateful for the help, and it was fun to be part of the community effort to get us all out.

Her Wish is My Command

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Everyone deserves a chance to realize their fantasy. So when I had an opportunity last week to make that happen for my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter I was right there ready to fulfill her special wish.

The Papaya loves the Olivia the Pig books which are her favorite bedtime stories these days. Her favorite Christmas gift this year was the plush Olivia she received in her stocking. When I was babysitting recently, reading her one of the books, she pointed to the picture of the monster who was scaring Ian and said, “I want dis monster. I want to have dis.” I guess she assumed that if you could get Olivia, you might also be able to get the other characters in the book.

“Hmmm…” I said. “I think that just might be possible.”

And the next time I came over, I brought all the necessary supplies to make the monster in the book. First I sketched out the basics. Then she helped me color in the black areas with her magic marker. Next we cut out the eye holes and armholes. Then she tried it on.

She was so excited to see herself in the mirror, transformed into the character in the book. I asked her if she wanted to scare somebody. She said, “But I don’t have an Ian here.”

I suggested that we might scare Boppy instead. She said, “But not too scary, OK? Only a little bit scary.”

So we did. As you can see he was only a little bit scared. Then she peeked around the doorway to see who else she could frighten. When she was done being scary, but only a little bit scary, she sat in my lap and we read the book paying special attention to the monster page. Grandparenting doesn’t get much better than this.

Holidailies Blah, Blahs.

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I’ve really been lousy at posting this year. Embarrassingly so.

This Holiday season was filled with whatever window installation and cleaning and rearranging can bring. Mostly exhaustion, actually.

Matter of fact, the whole last year was mostly kind of boring.

Only highlights I can think of were…I taught one workshop in January last year which went fine. And I went to Paper and Book Intensive (PBI) as I have done for several years now. It was actually interesting, and I really should post about it. And I worked hard at getting my Etsy business established. And the election was exciting. I was so heartened by the results. You’d think I could find something to say about that. Obviously, I have not.

And naval gazing is out because it no longer interests me. Instead, I’m too busy gazing at the sidewalk in front of me scoping out physical obstacles, happy to live my life day to day and not fall down and break something. (Now, you see, if I worked at it a little, that thought could be turned into a comic post about aging.)

I didn’t even get motivated to post about the holiday family get together which went just fine. Actually, I had more fun the next day when my older grand daughters slept over after the gathering and spent time with us just goofing around and watching movies, while they waited to go to the Nutcracker ballet. And the next day after that, when I baby sat for my little two and a half year old grand daughter and we played with her.

I just can’t seem to shake the blah attitude which has grabbed me this year and won’t let go. Right now, I’m more into taking pictures and in playing around with my toys in the studio than in writing words here.

Maybe next year.

Obligatory Cat Photo

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Cat perched atop the divider screen. Now that has got to be uncomfortable.


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These ceramic heads reside in the pigeonhole cubbies of an old hotel mail shelf which hangs in my dining room. I like the sense of past and present and future, looking forward to a new start of the year.

As I approach 65 in 2009, it’s really hard to keep from looking back and getting mired down in reviewing all my past mistakes. Especially when I have never been more aware than I am now that there are few or no chances for making some things right or opportunities for do overs.

Instead, I try to remind myself that it does no good to look back and regret, because, if I do that, I might miss the good, new and interesting things that are happening now.

Focus forward. My motto for 2009.

Plan Ahead

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Another doll head photo. This one taken at my studio. She sits in a cubby waiting for me to find a use for her. All of the items you see in the photo were in the cubby originally, arranged as you see them. The doll head sitting on top of the plan ahead sign. When I realized what the sign said, I just pulled it forward so that the words were more visible.

I have a lot of doll parts hanging around my studio. I bought several hundred, arms legs torsos and heads in a lot at an auction a number of years ago. Every once in a while I look through them and take out some parts thinking that I will actually make art out of them or use them in a collage or something like that. Usually it never goes much farther then that. I end up setting them down in various places and forgetting about them.

As I mentioned before in this post about the lobster party, my studio is filled with various collections of stuff/junk, some of which I think I might use in art projects, or whatever. For the time being the catacombs of doll parts are stacked away in one corner of the studio, just another reminder of my folly.

I suppose photographing them could count as using them. Hmmm… I sense a theme.


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Many years ago my friend gave me this chalk-ware baby head. I immediately placed it in the birdcage where it has been hanging amongst the plants ever since.

She always catches people by surprise. When they come into the living room they don’t immediately notice her hidden behind the Shefflera, like the wallflower that she is, yearning to be free. Maybe this will be her year.

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