Holidailies Blah, Blahs.

January 4th, 2009 § 1 comment

I’ve really been lousy at posting this year. Embarrassingly so.

This Holiday season was filled with whatever window installation and cleaning and rearranging can bring. Mostly exhaustion, actually.

Matter of fact, the whole last year was mostly kind of boring.

Only highlights I can think of were…I taught one workshop in January last year which went fine. And I went to Paper and Book Intensive (PBI) as I have done for several years now. It was actually interesting, and I really should post about it. And I worked hard at getting my Etsy business established. And the election was exciting. I was so heartened by the results. You’d think I could find something to say about that. Obviously, I have not.

And naval gazing is out because it no longer interests me. Instead, I’m too busy gazing at the sidewalk in front of me scoping out physical obstacles, happy to live my life day to day and not fall down and break something. (Now, you see, if I worked at it a little, that thought could be turned into a comic post about aging.)

I didn’t even get motivated to post about the holiday family get together which went just fine. Actually, I had more fun the next day when my older grand daughters slept over after the gathering and spent time with us just goofing around and watching movies, while they waited to go to the Nutcracker ballet. And the next day after that, when I baby sat for my little two and a half year old grand daughter and we played with her.

I just can’t seem to shake the blah attitude which has grabbed me this year and won’t let go. Right now, I’m more into taking pictures and in playing around with my toys in the studio than in writing words here.

Maybe next year.

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