Shoveling Out

January 11th, 2009 § 0 comments

We went out this morning, dreading the shovel out after 10 inches of snow. We are getting older and we do have some physical limitations. This past week, C. just had some vascular surgery in the right arm, so no shoveling at all is allowed until that heals. And, I have a bad knee, and a horrible cold and cough. But it was unavoidable as we needed to to get to the studio to tie up some loose ends and do a few things. More snow is predicted so we want to keep on top of stuff as much as possible. I would have called my daughter and son-in-law over to help, but he was sick and also had thrown his back out yesterday helping some other people.

The job was going to be extra hard because the snow plow had pushed a huge pile right next to the car, and it was slushy so it was the heavy kind of snow. As I started shoveling, I knew I would have a really hard time of it, and I figured it would take us hours to get out of there. My neighbor down the street was also digging his car out behind us. In a few minutes our neighbors came out to help us, and then some other neighbors came out. So we all stared working together as much as we could. Pretty soon they had us shoveled out, and we all helped shoveled out the neighbor behind us.

I had to stop because I fell in the snow and could not get up, so they all pulled me up. And, honestly, as much as I wanted to help, I had pretty much hit my limit, so I went in.

They carried on and shoveled out another space.

And another, and another.

Shoveling Out, originally uploaded by Accumulata.

Best I could do was bring out hot chocolate and take photos.

But I was very grateful for the help, and it was fun to be part of the community effort to get us all out.

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