September 24th, 2009 § 0 comments

There are days when the rest of your life may hang on the thread of someone else’ bad day.

For example…

The lawyer defending you has just been up all night with her sick child, and then she comes to court exhausted and less prepared than she should have been.

The receptionist at your HMO has just had a bad interaction with a patient and, subsequently, is out to stick it to the next person who annoys her. Because you walked in and innocently asked the wrong question, it’s you.

Or, you smile at someone, and this random smile postpones a mass killing spree by a day.

Thus, you may find yourself found guilty of a crime you did not commit; assigned an appointment with the least competent, least likable health care provider in your HMO; or, alive for one more day, having avoided the wrath of a mass murderer because you smiled at the right time.

Our fate often hinges then, not on our own actions, but on the randomness in the lives of the others with whom we interact.

Doesn’t say much for free will, does it?

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