Spirit of bees?

I first saw the phrase in an old pharmacological text which I repaired. The original blog entry about that can be found here in my old blog.

Technically, spirit of bees was an ancient curative made in medieval times from extract of bees. But I was charmed by the sound of the phrase, the rhythm of the words. It brought to mind  the buzzing of the swarm, the activity of the hive, the busy-ness of bee-ness. As a person who always has many different things going on all the time, and who is very much engaged in the busy-ness of being,  I could relate.

Acting with energy and purpose, this is what I call the Spirit of Bees.

I am primarily engaged in jewelery design, selling my production wares in galleries and shops and on Etsy. but I also have a hand in the Book Arts, focusing on book clasp restoration, and reproduction, and in teaching workshops. We also sell collectible and antiquarian books on eBay, and antiques, collectibles and books in an antique mall in Chicago.

I also have three children married to three wonderful spouses, with a total of three wonderful granddaughters. Good things do come in threes. Oh, and a very nice husband and a terrific, if slightly strange, cat, adopted from a shelter.

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